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General Paper Essay Outline : Young people – too indifferent to care ?

(Q) Consider the view that young people today are too indifferent to care about making a difference. (CJC Prelim 2014)

warning handle with care

Note that these are just some ideas. This outline is not meant to be taken as the only or final answer to the question.

Stand : They are not indifferent – just look at all the effort.

Point 1 : Young people are not indifferent. Where there are problems, they experience the realities of these problems, so they are compelled to act. Young people care because their education and greater awareness of issues from the media have helped them understand that their action or inaction will affect the future that they will inherit.

Point 2 : They are not indifferent. However, they could be hampered by a sense of powerlessness due to their perceived or real lack of knowledge, resources, or influence.

Point 3 : Yet, there are ways to get around such limitations, and young people show that they can employ technology and new media to make a difference

Point 4 : There will always be a segment of young people who are uncaring, self-serving and indifferent. The question is : Are they anomalies in a generally kind, pro-active generation, or are they the norm because conditions in society nurture them to be that way and make indifference the prevailing attitude ?


I like this list !

Singapore :

Singapore has 200 youth organisations according to the NYC (National Youth Council) excluding countless other organisations that have their own structured youth wing

The story of The Social Co :

The story of Arts and Sew :

Tin Pei Lin & Nicole Seah

Roy Ngerng

Agatha Tan

Lynn Lee

Ariffin Sha

Royston Tay, the story of Zopim :


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