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General Paper Essay Outline (double clause) : Should individuals care about inequality if their efforts count for little ?

(Q) Why should individuals be concerned about inequality when individual efforts count for very little ? (YJC Prelim 2014)
warning handle with care

Note that these are just some ideas. This outline is not meant to be taken as the only or final answer to the question.

Stand : It is important to be concerned because by helping others in any way that is within our capacity, we are helping ourselves as well as society as a whole.

Point 1 on HELPING OTHERS TO HELP OURSELVES : Inequality has a long-term effect on all of society, not only those who are disadvantaged. Everyone should play their part to prevent the problem from worsening

Point 2 on STRENGTH IN NUMBERS : Besides, it is also not true that individual efforts count for little. Everyone’s small efforts put together can amount to something more significant.

Point 3 on COLLABORATION : Individuals should be concerned because different people bring with them different ideas, skills and resources to tackle the problem of inequality.

Point 4 on THE WAYS OF SHOWING CONCERN : How effective efforts to fight inequality are depends on how the concern is demonstrated. Individuals should be concerned if they can take suitable action that helps transform society for the better.

Point 5 on THE ROLE OF PRIVILEGED PEOPLE : Individuals who are more privileged with skills, wealth, or influence, should be particularly concerned because their individual contributions have the potential to make a bigger change. Besides, it is not inequality itself that should be rejected, rather society should aim to get rid of any unfair measures that sustain inequality and simultaneously nurture a magnanimous, benevolent upper class. For those who are able, their moral obligation to alleviate inequality is also greater. In short, they should care because it is the right thing to do.

Point 6 on WORKING WITH THE GOVERNMENT : Individuals should be concerned because the government simply cannot do everything by itself. Even if the government has the finances or a master plan, members of society have specific and valuable roles to play without which the vision or aims would not be achieved.

Point 7 on VALUES : No matter how small the deed, and how insignificant it seems to be, any effort that shows concern for the problem of inequality sends a message to others, especially the young, about the need to value kindness and compassion as well as combat self-centredness and oppression.

Concluding Thoughts : While cynics may think that is impossible to change the attitudes and actions of those who have benefitted from inequality (and thus would not want to change the status quo), it is truly unconscionable for everyone else to give up and not champion the plight of the victims of inequality. No social transformation happens overnight. This is precisely why everyone should be concerned and act it whatever way they can. Every single person matters.


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