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General Paper Essay Outline : How important is planning in your society ?

(Q) How important is planning in your society ? (YJC Prelims 2014)

Note that these are just some ideas. This outline is not meant to be taken as the only or final answer to the question.

warning handle with care

Stand : It is important !

1) For the individual living in a fast-paced society like Sg, planning invigorates the mind, adds to sense of purpose and gives direction, helps a person make best use of time. Planning can improve the overall quality of life especially when a person plans to ensure balance in his life

2) For survival, and to pre-empt problems – planning by the government for a small country with limited natural resources : economic growth, employment, defence, resource sufficiency (water, fuel, food )etc – requires the government to plan with great foresight

3) For stability, progress, success – make the best of opportunities, prepare for contingencies
– planning by individuals  – career planning, planning for old age (while there are many social safety nets in Sg, self-help and independence are prioritised over reliance on aid)
– by families – to maintain ties, through family traditions & routines – necessary as people get busier
– by businesses & government – retain & develop staff, maintain power, extend influence

4) HOWEVER, being too reliant on plans makes people less flexible, or less adaptable to major or sudden changes

5) Negative impact on spontaneity, adds to stress when things do not go according to plan >>> negative impact on quality of life
— Over-planning >>> adds to distrusting that others will help things go according to plan >>> increases the reliance on rules and consequences


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