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General Paper Essay Outline : Is fun overrated ?

(Q) Is fun overrated ? (AJC Prelim 2014)

These are just some points. This outline is not meant to be taken as the only or final answer to the question.

Note that the keyword has to be dealt with explicitly in each point.

warning handle with care

Stand : Fun is overrated when it becomes excessive or when it is emphasized at the expense other important things.

On one hand…

1) Fun is necessary to unwind / de-stress / rejuvenate

2) Fun can make money – entertainment, leisure, tourism, games, sports

On the other hand…

3) Whether fun at work produces better work depends on the nature of the work. Fun at work can be stimulating when the work involves creativity. But some kinds of work require focus, accuracy, efficiency or serious discussion, thus assuming that a fun workplace can get better results is not true for all scenarios and frivolity could instead negatively affect the quality of work.

4) For the economy, fun is not more important than innovation, technology, engineering, manufacturing, natural resource mining. Small, local economies could well be sustained by cashing in on fun, but it is a mistake to think that this can be the national economy’s staple activity. After all, fun creations are non-essentials, and people do know how to have fun without spending much.

5) Some forms of fun are overrated because after the initial enjoyment, harm sets in (addictions, hedonistic pleasures, harm that could hurt others etc)

6) Fun is overrated because sooner or later it also fails to achieve what it is meant to do – to make us happy.
More of a good thing makes us tire of that thing (even if we initially expect it to bring us joy / exhilaration). So more and more of this supposedly fun thing, increases our joy by less and less each time.
Worse still, with each time, our disappointment with the experience is greater than it was the previous time.


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