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General Paper Essay Outline : Is there any point in celebrating failure ?

(Q) Is there any point in celebrating failure ? (YJC Prelim 2014)

These are just some points. This outline is not meant to be taken as the only or final answer to the question.

Always take note of terms in the question that require interpretation or clarification (‘celebrating’)

warning handle with care

Interpretation :

celebrate = applaud or praise by the person who goes through the failure, by the people around him, by society

Stand : Yes

To begin, there is a need to consider why there is a disdain for failure and the celebration of failure

1) It seems to make sense to celebrate winners. It is fair or meritocratic to give credit where it is due. In addition, beyond personal achievement, winners contribute to progress in their respective fields. Efforts to celebrating failure could dampen the rightful celebration of success.

2) Celebrating failure could be akin to just stroking the ego and being lulled into a denial of the problems that led to failure >>> tough love by not mincing our words about why a person or group failed could be the necessary bitter medicine required for things to get better.


3) Celebrating failure does not mean that the person is merely comforted. Celebrating failure means recognising that failure is a natural part of growth and it is not to be regarded as something shameful. In fact, celebrating failure could help a person overcome the disappointment >>> build character : patience, resilience, perseverance, optimism

4) When we celebrate failure, we see each failed attempt as an opportunity for improvement, and so it is a chance to think critically as we examine our processes or solutions thoroughly. There can be no progress without failure that demands our attention and stretches our competency.

5) Celebrating failure shapes society into one that is more forgiving, tolerant of setbacks and thereby more adaptable since failure is not what is expected, yet it has to be coped with regardless. Society becomes even more appreciative and encouraging. Overall, stress levels in pressure-cooker societies could potentially decline because celebrating failure is treated with importance


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