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General Paper Essay Outline : The pros and cons of tourism

Disclaimer : This compilation of points is not exhaustive and is not meant to be taken as the best answer to the question.

warning handle with care

1) Its for the economy !
– jobs
– investment
– development of infrastructure that both locals and tourists can enjoy
– tourism revenue can be used for other things

2) However, there is a  problem with citing spillover benefits for the locals. The locals may not necessarily enjoy the same positive outcomes if tourism is being focussed on at the expense of the locals

– displacing people for the sake of tourist spots
– widening the rich-poor divide (rich tourists vs poor locals)
– keeping people in low end jobs or just seasonal work within the tourist industry
– creation of jobs  that harm society namely prostitution

3) For the individual, tourism is  way of fulfilling a person’s wanderlust

– to learn about the world in a way that simply reading about or watching cannot achieve
– to be rejuvenated by fresh sights and experiences

4) Unfortunately, the wrong values are encouraged by tourism.

– the financial ability to visit other places is now often used as a status symbol by some people.
– the idea that another person’s country is for the perusal and enjoyment of tourists, and that tourists are meant to be served

5) In addition, tourism has become such a thriving commercial sector that many of these experiences are no longer authentic

– services catered to the tourist e.g. shopping
– tourist only get a superficial feel of local cultures because tourist activities are not immersive enough
– so, the intention of learning is not well fulfilled

6) The value of local cultures are diminished, not preserved.

– local cultures become exhibits for tourists to enjoy, rather than becoming something genuinely cherished and practised with the true belief in the significance of those cultural practices
– culture is preserved for the sake of its economic worth within the tourism industry
– if cultural products are mass produced, then artistry is lost

7) On top of that tourism increases harm to the environment in several ways

– more wastage because tourist traffic means more is spent on food or products that are beyond the needs of an average person —> the problem of consumerism is magnified
– greater footfall on natural sites puts a strain on the fragile natural environment — more trash in the area too
– This challenges the argument that ecotourism is actually beneficial because more effort will be put in to preserve the natural areas that are slated to be tourist site


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