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General Paper Essay Outline : To what extent does international cooperation reduce poverty ?

(1) International cooperation is more successful when the parties that help do not exploit the poorer countries that they cooperate with.
– transnational corporations may expect low labour costs when they make investments in developing countries.
– or they may expect to buy raw materials at a low price in exchange for providing expertise and job opportunities


(2) International cooperation is more successful when the beneficiary governments are competent and not corrupt or lawless. This ensure the effective disbursement and use of resources provided from the international groups, companies or countries that collaborate with them.


(3) International cooperation can succeed if the kind of cooperation is suitable.
– peace keeping by international corps in vulnerable states

(4) In multilateral arrangements (that have more parties than bilateral arrangements), the opportunity for success is immense because more resources can be pooled. However, the possibility that any one of the parties does not fulfill its part of the agreement, makes multilateral cooperation riskier, meaning other parties suffer greatly in the event of failure.


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