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General Paper Essay Outline : Rapid technological changes have made people never satisfied with their lives.

warning handle with care

Learning Point : Activate tools that help you arrive at deeper ideas

Stand : It is not true that people are never satisfied, but the satisfaction that comes with rapid tech innovations is often short-lived

1) [HUMAN CONDITION – SELF ACTUALISATION] Satisfaction is very much dependent on how critical the innovations are to achieving a person’s goals. The pple working in technology hubs that create these innovations thrive on this creative destruction. This is how their sector grows, their skills are honed and their wealth expands.

2a) With rapid tech devts, we become more efficient, and this presumably frees up more time for leisure which increases our sense of fulfilment and work-life balance.

2b) [PERCEPTION] However, that satisfaction is fleeting because we end up either setting higher expectations for ourselves, or others impose their higher expectations on us. E.g. Recent past to present : email communications Now : whatsapp, chat messaging systems >> even more instantaneous than email >> forced to respond sooner; more interruptions to work >> loss of productivity & quality >> unhappiness !!!

3) [PERCEPTION] Rapid tech innovations result in us anticipating that something better will come, and makes us find fault with the technologies that we have today, even if there is nothing significantly wrong with them. E.g. connections speeds; 3G vs 4G vs 5G

4) [PERCEPTION] [HUMAN CONDITION][CONTROL] Similarly, rapid tech innovations raise our expectations that tech solutions can (soon) be found to overcome problems. After all, we want to use technology to gain better control of our lives and of our resources. Unfortunately, this also makes us intolerant of imperfections and flaws of ourselves or the things around us. E.g. the obsession with skinny is fuelled by technologies that promise beauty using increasingly safer, non-invasive methods

5) [MONEY] Rapid tech innovations allow us to get newer technologies at a cheaper price. Affordability makes us more willing to spend instead of being content with what we have.

6) [HUMAN CONDITION] Rapid tech innovations exhilarate us with choices. The excitement, and inherent desire, to exercise choice among the various new technologies eclipses one major option: to just stick with what we have, be happy with it, and not acquire anything new.

7) [HUMAN CONDITION – PSYCHOLOGY] For some, rapid change is disorienting and destabilising. Constant need to adapt = tiring.  These feelings add to our dissatisfaction. In addition, diminishing returns sets in. This means that each new change gives less satisfaction than the previous change. So, when developments are rapid, satisfaction also rapidly slides



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