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General Paper Essay Outline: Censorship is not relevant anymore

warning handle with care

Note :
1-These points are just a guide. Go ahead, and make this outline better 🙂
2- The the words in red, underlined italics highlight the attention to the keywords like ‘still’, ‘no longer’, or ‘anymore’


People are more educated >> Do not want governments to think for them
Understand the concept of preserving ‘artists’ integrity’


People value democracy and human rights more than before >>
Want transparent discussion on government policies
Want to speak up for the oppressed and marginalised.

e.g. White Paper on Population; CPF concerns; LGBT issues; anti-capital punishment & detention without trial

Values are  increasingly fluid in open societies >>
More disagree with the government dictating right and wrong


Many channels for content available today compared to the past >>
Censorship is futile since people can seek alternative avenues.
Censorship also draws more attention to the work that is censored.


ON THE OTHER HAND, global terrorism and other forms of internet-based or globalised crime that we see happening in the current times have also become more sophisticated >>
Censorship is part of any country’s multidimensional security plan

HOWEVER, how much censorship to apply has to take into consideration the educated and more open nature of society as well as other viable alternative solutions that can be used in place of censorship


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