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General Paper Essay Outline : Greater interconnectedness means more conflict

warning handle with care

Possible Points with room for improvement :


Some may argue that… / Some may observe that… / Some may point out that..

(Pt1) More social media >> more online disagreements … may even translate to offline, real-life conflict

(Pt2) The more intertwined the fortunes of nations, the more the need to interfere on the domestic politics of others.

(Pt3) More developed transportation networks increases the potential for international crime, smuggling, including human trafficking


(Counter to Pt1) More online debate = more opinions = agree to disagree.
Moreover, online contentions are balanced by peace-making or charitable causes that also promote togetherness online

(Counter to Pt2) More trade = more to lose if conflicts escalate >> maintaining peace is better
More trade = more investments for trade and the economy rather than the other big government expense – defence

(Counter to Pt3) Being connected by common threats (terrorists, criminal organisations, climate change) intensify international cooperation

(New Pt4) More alliances means better protection for smaller states

(New Pt5) More diplomatic relations, against the backdrop of more destructive weapons, pushes countries to keep peace to prevent mutually-assured destruction


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