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General Paper Essay Outline : Entrepreneurship is just another name for personal greed.


Disclaimer : Here are just some ideas. This outline is not meant to be taken as the only or final answer to the question.

warning handle with care

other factors essay

Stand : The motivations for enterprise are varied.

1) Greed – evidence can be seen in different forms of abuse to cut corners & maximise profit

– reduce consumers’ welfare

– exploitation of the environment or workers

However, …

2) To fulfil one’s passion; share one’s passion with others. The money is secondary and a result of successfully spreading the love for one’s passion

3) To fulfil one’s potential and direct one’s talent by being one’s own boss instead of being employed by others. This is not for greed but done because of the need for self-actualisation which could be hampered if the person was used by his bosses to enrich themselves.

4) To fill a gap in society; to make an improvement that has not yet been done, or is not yet done well enough. Such social enterprises have to be profitable in order to continue running, but since ethics is the driving force behind the business, it is less likely to take actions out of greed.

5) To continue a tradition or a family business, even if there could be less money to be made (but better if the business could be revived to be better than ever)

6) To escape poverty or avoid oppressive work conditions; to become more independent when work is limited. Not for greed but for survival.

7) To learn to take risks; acquire real-world business experience.
The modern world values people who dare to dream, and work to achieve their goals. Failure is acceptable, even encouraged because it can make a person more resilient or “anti-fragile”. In such cases, setting a revenue or profit target is not out of greed, but because it gives a measureable goal for the start-up to work towards.  




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