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General Paper Essay Outline : Is poverty an inevitable feature in any society ?

inevitable problems

Disclaimer : Here are just some ideas. This outline is not meant to be taken as the only or final answer to the question.

warning handle with care

Yes, because some causes of poverty are intractable and some of the solutions have shortcomings.

  1. To begin, it must be made clear there have been many efforts undertaken by practically all societies to overcome poverty
    Government policies esp. education & job creation, Culture of philantrophy
  2. However, despite all the commendable efforts, poverty still persists to varying degrees due to many reasons. One classic reason is because the politically or financially powerful want control the masses
    Extreme case : North Korea
  3. Global job competition – oppression in the form of cheap labour
    e.g. sweatshops producing clothes for international brands — countries that offer the lowest wages can attract companies
    e.g. transient workers who work abroad but do not get enough rights
  4. Next, the widening income gap creates  a class of people at the bottom end within a society. People with advantages use that to widen their lead. The poor are left behind unless there is effective intervention
  5. Another systemic problem that makes poverty persistent is the debt-based economic system — people are not truly rich but in debt .
    Economic booms and busts can make people suddenly poor.
    Unemployment, repossessed homes
  6. Aid is a problematic solution to poverty
    Aid or welfare programmes can make people dependent on aid and not self-reliant, whereas aid from other countries or the World Bank and IMF usually come with strings attached especially the forced privatisation of national assets and flooding of foreign goods to the local market
  7. The aging population, our new reality — not as economically productive but need to use the country’s resources

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