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General Paper Essay Outline : Should conformity be the main aim of schools ?

Disclaimer : Here are just some ideas. This outline is not meant to be taken as the only or final answer to the question. warning handle with care

Thesis Statement : Conformity should not be the main aim of schools. Even though conformity has a part to play in schools, making it the main aim may undermine efforts to develop a child holistically and fulfil his potential. There are other social repercussions that result from making conformity the main aim of schools.

To begin, it must be made clear that this essay does not seek to reject conformity totally. Conformity does have benefits especially when it comes to instilling values :

 Conformity brings order that is needed for learning.

 Conformity facilitates the inculcation of a set of values that children can live by when they grow up and enter adulthood and the world of work.

However, despite the merits of conformity, it should not be the main aim of schools because the school system could turn into a factory, merely producing workers for the economy but not necessarily accomplishing the true intent of education which is to fulfil human potential, no matter how varied this potential could be.

 Conformity negatively affects the curriculum and teaching methodologies (e.g. not accommodating different talents, learning styles & learning abilities)

Next, conformity should not be the main aim of schools because conformity stunts thinking, which is one of the major intents of education.

 it quashes ideas, debate, moral courage, all of which are needed for the modern world but all of which can actually be encouraged positively in the safe confines of the classroom

 longer term repercussions of a conformist school culture

In addition to curbing thought processes, conformity in schools results in young people not being adaptable enough to the changes in the real world

 Do they expect to only apply a certain set of skills ? No, they should operate with the mentality that they should be open to learning new skills. Schools should hone this flexibility instead of narrowing the prospects that students have

Another reason why conformity should not be the main aim of schools is conformity perverts meritocracy.

 assessment model that recognises test scores above other abilities

 rewarding rote-learners & good test-takers more than passionate, creative & critical thinkers

Resolution : There should be just enough rules to make schools a safe place for a child to flourish. It is the flourishing of the individual, and not conformity, that should be the main aim of schools. (about 400 words)



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