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General Paper Essay Outline : How far can the regulation of scientific and technological developments be justified ?

Some thoughts, points and reminders :

Always interpret the terms FIRST !

What is regulation ?
Who would do the regulating (governments? regulatory bodies?)
What would be controlled ?

  • The developers / scientists / inventors’ processes
  • The users (e.g. restricting access / making it a controlled product)
  • The corporations / producers / marketers (the impact of patents)
  • How the development is used (e.g. technologies for civilian use rather than military use, such as nuclear developments)

Justifications for regulation :
Integrity & authenticity of research : poor research causes problems for future developments
Prevent abuse
Impact on politics

Arguments against regulation :
Would there be a problems of : Access, whereby those who need it or can benefit from the development could be the ones left out when patents are used to regulate) ?
Freedom for users ?
Autonomy for scientists who want to push research boundaries , but in doing so may cross some controversial ethical lines ?

Thesis Statement  : Regulation is justified as long as it benefits personal well-being and society, and regulation is not justified when it hinders progress that benefits the individual and society or when it results in inequality


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