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General Paper Essay Outline : What valuable lessons do you think your country could learn from some of its neighbours ? (HCI Prelim 2015)

warning handle with care

Note : This is not meant to be the only, or best, answer to the question.

Interpret Terms, where necessary :
lessons : politics, economy, social ; can learn from positive and negative lessons
neighbours : in Southeast Asia
your country : Singapore >> do not just narrate what happens in other countries, apply explicitly to the conditions, circumstances, issues faced by Sg in order to convince the reader that these lessons are indeed valuable for Sg

Possible Points :
Politics & Governance:
– Security / Defence / Terrorism (bomb blast in Thaild)
– Corruption (Msia, Thaild etc)
– Crisis Management (haze issue in Indon)
– Tinkering with the democratic process (Myanmar)

Economy :
– Creating opportunities of citizens (foreign worker phenomenon in Indon & Phil etc)
– Poverty & poor living conditions

Society :
– Open-mindedness & acceptance (transgender community in Thaild)
– Racialisation of issues (Msia)
– Religious tensions / intolerance (Msia etc)
– Oppression of minorities (Rohingya crisis in Myanmar)

In Sum : Be Current ! Take Big/Significant Lessons, not minor ones


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