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GP ESSAY OUTLINE : Man is technologically advanced, but morally backward. Discuss

Man : technologically advanced but morally backward

(1) Tech is used for self-preservation  widen the gulf between the haves and the have-nots

(2) Tech is used for self-gratification  hedonism, materialism, consumerism

(3) Tech is used even when it threatens the sanctity of life  euthanasia, abortion

(4) Tech is used to commit crimes and acts of aggression  hacking, piracy, online intimidation, voyeurism… biological/chemical/nuclear warfare

Man : technologically advanced, but not morally backward

(A) Tech is used to help the disadvantaged – poor, weak etc.

(B) Tech is used to save the planet

(C) Tech is used to unite and build understanding among people  facilitate peace-making  of course, there will be hatemongers, but with education, people can be more responsible

(D) Tech promotes democracy, openness  more discourse, debate to improve the country or society; provides more checks and balances for the government to curb corruption, abuse of power

Sample Introduction:
The past century has witnessed unprecedented discoveries and inventions that have transformed society. Air travel, space travel, genetic science, nanotechnology and the internet, among others, have made Man a technological giant. Skeptics of technology point out that despite astounding progress, Man is uncivilized, without a moral compass. There is, unfortunately, significant proof to support this criticism. However, there is also sufficient evidence that denounce this as an overgeneralisation that does not apply to all of mankind. Therefore, being technologically advanced does not always mean that Man is morally backward.

Sample Conclusion:
Man is a tech giant, but he does show that he can degenerate to be a moral pygmy. However, Man is making effort to find his sense of civility and humanity. Thus, all hope is not yet lost.


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