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General Paper Essay Outline : To what extent is it acceptable for science to be used in the pursuit of human perfection ? (NYJC Prelim 2015)

warning handle with care

Note : Very raw ideas

Some interpretations :
Human perfection would cover all dimensions including the physical, cognitive, emotional and social aspects of a person

Some ideas :
1) Whether or not it is acceptable  depends on the intention / motive behind the use of science
The noble aim of science is to help Man achieve the following : be free from disease, overcome disability

2) Science could also make Man smarter and more skilful. Some may see this as necessary for survival.

3) Science can make even more beautiful. This argument is the most tenuous since beauty is subjective. In addition, using science to submit to fixed interpretations of beauty speaks more of the erosion of our sense of worth and the rise of superficiality, both of which should not feature in our understanding of human perfection.

4) The pursuit of human perfection through science is not acceptable when it involves unethical practices. It would be ironic if perfection is achieved by doing things that are abhorrent or morally ugly)

5) How accessible will the science be, or only those who can afford it have the scientific solutions to reach perfection ?

Conclusion / Wrap-Up : Beyond a certain point, using science to pursue human perfection is a denial of human diversity


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