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General Paper Essay Outline : Do we still need traditional culture ?

warning handle with care

Note : Just some quick thoughts…


to pass down values & morals…

to preserve heritage (food, fashion, artwork etc) … for cultural & historical vlaue

economic value (cultural showcases, cultural exports, fusion designs)

to preserve religious teachings that make living in a materialistic world more balanced… give meaning to life, connects with the spiritual, prepares us for what comes after death (which in turn shapes how we live in the here and now)


In a more open world, other influences can fulfil the role of culture to develop character

More education … superstitions can be explained away using science or logic … superstition may also inhibit exploration and objective studies whereas letting go of these aspects of culture could lead to more discoveries that could benefit mankind

Westernization … the pull of western culture especially for those who desire to fit in cosmopolitan settings

Ethnocentrism is a negative, divisive outcome of overemphasizing culture.


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