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General Paper Essay Outline : Should environmental causes be promoted at all cost ? (SAJC Prelim 2015)

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Note : Just some points to develop further

  1. With many things in the world, there could be room for hesitation, temperance or moderation. But when we consider the amount of damage done to the earth, the fear for the survival of the human race becomes very real. So, now is the time to promote environmental causes at all cost for our own sake.
  2. This view is not without its challengers. Firstly, there is a concern that continued population growth does not make it feasible to go all out for environmental causes. Many people could be deprived of the resources necessary to survive and progress
  3. Next, the costs of trying the ‘no holds barred’ approach to going green could be very high while the benefits can only be reaped much later. So again, the people of today have to give up a lot
  4. Of course, developing countries will be dissatisfied for having to shoulder the responsibility of high costs and possibly reduced output because of extreme and gung-ho measures taken to steer the earth from implosion. The most common arguments are that the developed countries progressed by means of intensive (and thus, intensively-damaging) industrialisation, and so have to take more blame by reducing their carbon footprint instead of pointing to the developing world and restricting their growth.
  5. The above argument is tiresome on several counts. Successfully getting only developed countries to reduce their carbon footprint actually means reducing the demand for goods made in the developing world. Hence, the argument of asking the rich nations to be more environmentally-friendly so that the poorer nations can progress makes little sense.
  6. Having said that, good sense would be to insist that all countries commit to protecting the environment. This is done in the name of fairness. But more important than fairness is that the commitment to preserving the environment using all possible means actually promotes cooperation at all levels – between government and non-government actors as well as between governments.
  7. Finally, the latest advancements in technology and engineering used to reimagine and actualise a world that is safe for the planet are evidence that there are people with the right minds and the heart for the generations beyond the present. What are these technologies ? (Click to Watch ‘Billions in Change’ & ‘How I Became The Real Iron Man’)

The bottom line is …..



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