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General Paper Essay Outline : Security is more important than liberty (PJC Prelim 2015)

Note : Just a few raw points to develop

Liberty without limits is harmful.

There is no such thing in reality as one’s choices having no wider implications whatsoever (despite what the ‘harm principle’ stipulates)

Be that as it may, even if it can be established that security is more important than liberty, this does not mean that every kind of security measure and every state infringement of freedom can be justified. (Click here for some arguments racial profiling as a security measure)

Security and liberty can co-exist if people are excellent at regulating themselves, and if society’s values include protecting others.  Then, security need not be achieved by imposing restrictive or oppressive measures. Also, in such a scenario, the liberty of the people will not seem to be impinged because they make their own choices to negotiate what can help society progress to become both free and safe


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