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How Not To Be Ignorant About The World / Get The Big Picture : Rules of Thumb based on data

Main Points from the Ignorance Project by Gapminder (founded by Hans & Ola Rosling)

Start to 9th minute – Prof Rosling proves that people (including members of the media) do not actually know what is going on in the world

Gem of a Quote : “The problem is not that people do not read the media, the problem is that the media do not know themselves” >>> continued misinformation

9th minute – Ola explains our ignorance
1) The neighbourhoods we grow up in are not representative of the world >> so we get a biased view of how things are / Personal Bias
2) Teachers in school are teaching an outdated worldview, using books that are outdated in a world that changes
3) News Bias – sensational, preying on fear
4) Human intuition / Cognitive Bias – helps us generalise, exaggerate our fears, seek causality where there is none, be confident of our own perceptions >> but all this skews our view of the world, and we think things are bad and getting worse

Around 13th minute – How to succeed in understanding the world (without reading every single report)
According the data, here are some shortcuts / Rules of Thumb :
1) Most things improve
2) Wealth – most people are in the middle
3) The majority have enjoyed the benefits of social progress (electricity, education etc)
4) Fears are exaggerated

Hans Rosling using the same ideas to discuss the Mediterranean refugee crisis, democracy in the world etc

In sum : Strive to be fact-based !


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