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Semester 1 Wrap-Up : Power, Laws, Rights, Morals, Money, Culture, Definitions

(Best viewed on PC or any screen bigger than a regular mobile phone)

This table shows ideas that are raw, but could be carefully crafted to meet question requirements.

The learning point here is that it is important to have a big toolkit to generate ideas

We should also understand that we do not have to use all the tool every time and that some tools lead to connected or slightly overlapping points. CAREFUL ORGANISATION IS NEEDED.

One such toolkit is found here :


Qns from the Semester 1, 2015 Power Rights / Personal freedom Moral Message Point on Money Cultural Factor Challenging the Definitions / Assumptions
Artificial Reproduction – to allow or not (Final Yr Q) Are there any exploited groups ?

New laws needed for new relationships

Right to choose, to want to raise a family ?

What about risk to parents who are ill ?

What about the child ?

How are new family arrangements going to affect the status quo in society ?

Why should the rich have more opportunity ? >>> better provide for the child

Potential for commodification

Need for one’s own lineage – is this a big priority ? Depends on culture What does artificial reproduction encompass, and will we accept all forms ?
Organ donation (Final Yr Q) Are there any exploited groups ? Right to life Compassion, altruism

Prevention of exploitation & commodification

Greater supply, potentially reduces illegal organ trade In some cultures, organ donation is still debateable – How ? Why ? Could variations in the meaning of ‘legally dead’ affect supply of potential organs ?
Elections – should only the educated vote (Final Yr Q) Power over the uneducated Right to choose, part of right to self-determination Equality, Empathy – by letting everyone have a say How are both the educated AND less uneducated affected by money in elections ? If both can some how ‘be bought’, then arguments that assume the educated know more, analyse more or care more all cannot stand.

Could the greater wealth /security that the educated have make them greater risk-takers at the polling booth ?

The educated may not be as bound to cultural or traditional concepts of respect for authority / seniority as compared to the less educated What really is the meaning of educated ?

Can this meaning be made narrower over time, with implications on who has power ?

Can we really assume that the educated will vote more rationally (as they are assumed to be more capable of doing) ?

Dying rich & disgraced (Final Yr Q) Taxing the rich /super-rich >> is this emotional blackmail the way to go ? Right to do whatever we want with our own wealth & property

For the rich, do the needs of society supersede the rights of the family ?

Don’t promote very superficial or singular understanding of honour.

Yet, should promote charity

The rich did take from the labour of the poor in many ways….

How was the money made ? crime, exploitation ? enterprise, innovation ? Which is more honourable ? Depends on culture or religion ? What does being rich mean any way ? Where to draw the line

Assumption here is that wealth can actually run out … but not necessarily true with charitable foundations that build wealth beyond the life of its founder

Qns from the Semester 1, 2015 Power Rights / Personal freedom Moral Message Point on Money Cultural Factor Challenging the Definitions / Assumptions
Are we for or against Miley Cyrus ? (1st Yr Q) Is the artist empowered or disempowered ? What about the audiences ? Right to do whatever… let the market decide Do we want to condone lewdness, exploitation of women etc. ? What are we telling the children ? Who is making $$ ? At whose expense ? Or is it a win-win arrangement? Some cultures will be more accepting of certain artistic expressions than others What really is the meaning of objectionable content ? Women’s liberation ? Artistic freedom ?
Do we need history or tradition? (1st Yr Q) Dominant interpretations of history to influence the masses >> national identity To form our own identity based on complete knowledge That we are part of something bigger >>> sense of humanity

That we can stare at uncomfortable, regrettable histories & move forward

Is there an economic angle? Tourism ? Boosting the image of a city or country  for being rich in history & culture That we are part of something bigger >>> long-established cultures Tradition >>> how to define / determine what can be retained or what cannot in the modern world

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