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The Argument on Controlling the Narrative / Perceptions (REWIND REPEAT REWIND REPEAT)

Q : What do these topics have in common ?
The Arts
The Future
Current Affairs

A : These are all topics in GP that allow you to contemplate why and how one group or party tries to control the shaping of content, narrative or interpretation in order to gain influence over their audience. This does not yet show that the group that tries to control is well-meaning or has ill intent; what is certain is this : For each narrative or interpretation that becomes dominant,there are other versions that have been suppressed. Depending on how the essay question is worded, there could well be an opportunity for you to explore this control in an essay that is based on any of the topics stated above. Happy Trying !


But over and above this being a thinking and communications skill, controlling the narrative can have an effect on the way audiences understand a particular problem or situation. The impact can be real and profound. In this video, Monica Lewinsky uses the phrase “time to take back my narrative” [21:00]. Please watch the entire video for her arguments and insights.

For a little over a week, our society has seen some of its own struggles with the control of the narrative brought into light on both social and the mainstream media. Here are some links :

End note : There is a need for us to recognise the moves that are part of the struggle for the narrative (especially that which occurs within our own society). We should try to acquire a sense of the rationale behind these moves. (i.e. Answer the ‘Who’, ‘How’  & ‘Why’ questions). Hopefully, this will help us become more understanding and help us grow as individuals, as a society, and as members of a larger global community.


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