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International News Highlights – End of Term 1, 2015

Disclaimer : These articles are selected to provide general information and some opinions (there are likely to be other views not included here). Find out more, evaluate carefully or discuss with others before arriving at your own conclusions.

warning handle with care

(1) Charlie Hebdo :

(2) Pegida :

(3) Boko Haram :

(4) ISIS :

(5) Netanyahu’s speech to the U.S. Congress :

(6) The movie, ‘American Sniper’ :

(7) BBC documentary “India’s Daughter” :

(8) The Swiss currency :

(9) The Rohingya in Burma :

(10) Genocide in the Congo :

(11) Apple launches the watch :

(12) Ebola

(13) Lawsuit over  plagiarism in “Blurred Lines” :


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