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Final Comprehension Wrap Up 2014 : penultimate post before the ‘xams

1) Write legibly. NO messy cancellations or arrows ! (This is sloppy; it makes you look disorganised)

2) Prevent grammar errors. Check. (Careless errors and broken English look sloppy)

3) Write complete sentences. (Incomplete or partial sentences are sloppy)

4) Do not exceed word count for summary. (Exceeding the word count shows a weakness in your management of language makes you look like you don’t care about instructions)

5) Be accurate when you paraphrase.

6) Do not give general answers. Use the context of the passage to make your answer complete. (Complete answers show you are careful – and not sloppy)

In sum, no shoddy answers and sloppy presentation !!

For AQ…

  • Give sufficient time for AQ
  • There will be ideas from the text for you to challenge, no matter how convincing many of the ideas seem to be. So be calm
  • Social observations can be used for support. But, wherever possible, having relevant specifics strengthens your answer because it shows that you are more engaged. (This is true for essays as well)
  • A concise thoughtful intro and conclusion are ideal. But have a back-up plan. Do you know what to do if you are running out of time? What is your version of the most concise & sensible intro and conclusion?



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