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Is Singapore a racist country? | Surekha A. Yadav | Opinion | Mobile | The Malay Mail Online

This article in the link above got the Sg corner of cyberspace talking. For a while. Just in case you missed it.

The article seems to have been timed in the aftermath of the Ferguson riots and could very well have stemmed from some reflection of White Privilege in the US. But, curiously, the article (which is about Sg) was published on the national day of a neighbouring country.  Now what can be made of that? Hhmmm…

Disclaimer  : To clarify, h1generalpaper’s own belief is that one race of pple is not better than pple who are not of that race, and vice versa. What observably differentiates people is how we treat others. Even then, mistakes made by ill-treating others do not brand a person for life. There is always room for change. 🙂


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