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What is the future of news in print and on tv ?

Read the article, but also read the comments that follow !

Here is a sampling of some of the comments :

“This is 2014. 60% of journalism students in the US say they never read print media, nor do they trust politically-driven propaganda of BIG TV. That might explain why newspapers are going broke and why 75% of the MSM teeter at the brink of insolvency year to year. The next generation of journalists will rely solely on books and the Internet for their information input. Me too.”

“Murdoch Media ideology has blurred the lines between truth & fiction.

News is presented as basically editorial comment… therefore everything printed can be questioned.

Ultimately having so much media power controlled by an individual with a particular political slant breeds ‘sameness’ and scepticism.. it has ruined the platform for all media players & recipients.”

“Newspapers, and the media generally, have never been about the the truth … and I don’t know why people persist with this idea.

Newspapers are about opinion. About ideology. About editorial. They are edited to follow particular lines. Headlines are carefully selected to attract readership. Photos are selected for appeal or shock value. Layout, headlines, photos, order of presentation and the like are carefully judged to give the impression or overview that the editorial staff want to give on a particular issue.

Same for TV, multimedia, internet and other ‘news’ sources.

Do we read, hear or watch many ‘feel good’ stories in the media? Not bloody likely … they don’t sell copy. So, we tend to get a warped pessimistic look at the world … one guaranteed to increase our insecurity. Save the ‘feel good’ stuff for Christmas and the New Year … what sells is war, murder, blood and guts.

And that translates to make us willing to go along with government, zot off to war at a moments notice, do unspeakable things to outsiders (like refugees) and pretty much abandon our humanity in the interests of the economy and security to the exclusion of all else.

History will judge newspapers harshly … but it will also judge the rest of the mass media in the same way. We’ve pretty much just used it to stoke our insecurities and the beastly parts of ourselves, and to ignore our better inclinations.”’s_media_empire_has_made_the_world_worse >>> these links actually explain the extent of Rupert Murdoch’s influence (more than the section in the Guardian article in the link at the top)


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