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German Football Success – how they did it

Excerpt from the 2nd link above :

Often I hear critics of the Singapore education bemoan the system’s pursuit of rigour at the expense of creativity, as if creativity could be taught or hindered. A Messi could never be hamstrung by being placed in the German football academy system, just as a Jobs would nevertheless survive the Singapore education to accomplish what he did with Apple. That’s why they are geniuses.

On the other hand, the relentless efficiency of an Andre Schurrle or a Toni Kroos might not have been honed to the shining example they displayed against Brazil, if they had not been put through the wringer of a no-nonsense youth training.

…As merciless as it can be, its rigour and systematic drilling of students would squeeze every last ounce of potential out of everyone, if only they would submit to it. No doubt there will be late-bloomers and odd geniuses who fall by the wayside, but the system is for the majority and has benefited the majority, if our students’ top performances in worldwide tests and Olympiads are any gauge at all.

Products of the local system may not impress the world with their charisma and have not yet exhibited Nobel Prize-winning creative sparks, but neither is there a Pele among the German squad circa 2014.


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