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10 Human Rights Organizations in an Urgent Letter to Attorney General: Concerns Regarding Serious Violations of International Humanitarian Law in the IDF’s Operations in Gaza | B’Tselem

Based on very broad scan of some online platforms or channels, sometimes, I can’t help but notice that some readers who are physically very very far away from ground zero are the ones who try to drum up the ‘religion’ or ‘community-based’ card in this conflict.

And as with many different kinds of conflict where this card could be thrown around at a whim, the people from within the community themselves also have to step up and show the situation for what it is : a bloody humanitarian crisis.

What can we learn about dealing with conflict from the examples  below (in the links & the picture) ? Try to apply to conflicts or tensions that have or could emerge in our own societies (racial; religious; between the rich and poor; between foreigners and locals etc.)

Academic of Jewish origin, Naomi Wolf walks out of synagogue in protest :



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