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TestTube – a young Youtube channel covering many topics in about 3 minutes at a time (Gaza, jihad, ISIS)

I have just selected a few vids from the TestTube youtube channel that cover some matters coming out of the Middle East.

Go Ahead : Check out the many other topics that the channel presents. Current !

Verdict : Easy to digest, matter-of-fact explanations for students who do not know about the issues; some very tragic details are not included, of course, but not too simplified

Links to how borders have changed over the years & international laws that have been breached :


Reports from July 2014 :
First-hand account – Journalist witnesses air attack on children >>>

Palestinian rockets : The conversation no one is having >>>

Open Letter by Norwegian doctor who volunteered to help in the Al-Shifa Hospital in besieged Gaza >>>

It is important to note that military action against Gaza is not unanimously supported by the Jewish community, some of whom wish to differentiate their faith Judaism from the actions of the Zionist government of Israel.

Stranger than fiction…

Btw, isis is rejected not only by mainstream islamic leaders and teachers, but even by the alqaeda (also rejected by the mainstream) with whom some of its members were formerly associated.


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