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Free Speech, Language, Communication

On the need for anti-harrassment laws on social media (UK) … 


On insults and insulting language in the media …


On engagement in the digital age (Singapore) …


On the extent of freedom on the internet (Singapore) …

There is enough freedom for accomplished writer Catherine Lim to air her views :

There is enough for us to get a glimpse of life under ISA detention from former detainees, too :

(These perspectives have value, no matter how uncomfortable these may be to some readers)


On using language to shape identity …


On being clear and direct (Apple & Sg PM) …

Singapore PM, Mr Lee Hsien Loong wrote on his fb page :

“I circulated this article to my colleagues, to remind ourselves to be simple and direct when we communicate with the public. Whether it is an informal conversation, a speech, or a press statement, say what we mean. Avoid management speak or big words which will not impress anyone. Use simple language which people can understand.

On Facebook I always make my posts as simple and clear as possible. Even then from time to time after something has been posted I notice ways to say it better. Then I will change it, which is why you sometimes see that my posts have been edited after posting. (e.g. this one :))

Ministers and the govt have tried hard to be direct and clear in our comms, but once in a while we still fall short. Perhaps someone can set up a website which collects examples, and help us do better!”


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