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Comprehension : Health Promotion Board FAQ interactive webtool sparks debate & petition, & counter-petition

Can you explain the logical slip in the argument below. This point was also raised by Member of Parliament Lim Biow Chuan and ‘Aaron’, the originator of one of the petitions :

Facebook user “Serene Ho” wrote: “I am aghast to see this webpage that seems to support homosexuality on the Health Promotion Board website. Pardon my ignorance but I cannot understand how this webpage can help Singapore to build stable families which consist of a man and a woman as parents for our young children.”

Note : While flawed reasoning makes this argument tenuous, those who adopt the traditional concept of family have other arguments that they can use to support their cause (just don’t use this argument)


The actual interactive tool can be found here : 


Why do some in the pro-family camp feel threatened ? Should they be ?


What were some other causes for concern ?

– that links to LGBT support were attached to the original FAQs

– Read more here :


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