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Commentary on the measures proposed after the Little India Riot

Read the full commentary from the link above.

Excerpt below :

If successful, the draft bill will have Little India designated as a “special zone” for the next year, where the sale and consumption of alcohol will be more tightly regulated than other areas in the country. The police will also be given additional powers: strip searches for alcohol will be able to be carried out (let’s not even think about where they imagine people hide their booze), and people can be banned from entering the area if they are deemed to be threats to public order. Officers with the rank of sergeant and above will also be authorised to conduct raids on premises without a warrant if they think an offence has been, is being, or is likely to occur.

These proposed measures are framed as an issue of security, introduced to ensure the safety of Singaporeans even as the Committee of Inquiry’s investigation is ongoing. But this is not really about security, and the implications of the proposal are alarming.

In a country so desperate to claim racial harmony, the bill paves the way for racial stereotyping and profiling. If it were really about managing the dangers of alcohol consumption, regulation and policing would be introduced across the country, from the little kopitiams to the posh bars of Clarke Quay all the way to the lavish extravagance of clubs around Marina Bay Sands. But this is not really about alcohol: this is about a certain group of people (read: South Asian migrant workers) having access to alcohol.

The Times of India also carries a similar report on the proposed bill (just a report, not a commentary) :

Read the readers comments (27 altogether) for interesting varied views on the bill.



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