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General Paper Ten Year Exam Compilation

Familiarise yourself with this to get a headstart for next year, 2014.

H1 General Paper 8807


Interesting… Really good for students who want to just focus on reconstructing their QUALITY OF LANGUAGE AND ARGUMENTATION, and not be too bogged down by the problem of generating ideas. The book doesn’t serve the answer on a platter for direct regurgitation. That would not be good for the learner. In fact, the learner often has to choose which of the book’s points to include so that the final essay does not come out with contradictions. If the learner wants to seriously use this, he has to get ready to practise putting the ideas provided in his own words, voice and with his own knowledge.. sweet. HOWEVER, given that some points for every single essay question of the last ten years is provided for here, this book does not prepare the student for INDEPENDENT THINKING if questions are worded differently. This requires another kind of training. School teachers or tutors can help with…

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