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Cyberterrorism and Cyberbullying

– The link above carries the transcript of the video.

For those who are lost, here is the play-by-play :

Hacker sends video >> reporter writes that Sg is under threat >> hacker responds by infiltrating reporter’s account >> Sg PM makes a strong stand against such intimidation >> hacker goes on to breach the websites of the Istana and the Prime Minister’s Office >> In the meantime, Sg actor gets his Twitter account hacked apparently for being too openly opposed of the hacker (even though so many pple in Sg echo this actor’s views) >> In  a separate case of the breaching of singer Sun Ho’s website and the Ang Mo Kio Town Council website, an Sg man has been arrested in KL and charged


1) NO to cyberterrorrism. It is still terrorism. It involves the disruption of innocent people’s lives with the intent to cause fear and evoke a sense of insecurity

2) Activists need to know the society if there is truly a difference between them challenging the government and them challenging the society. What the 2011 elections reminded many people is that support for the government and support for the ruling party are not the same. So, I reckon that even those who do not support this ruling party would be irked by an alleged threat to the government as a whole.

It could also be true that in Asian societies, being masked and then issuing threats is more seen as cowardice rather than solidarity behind a common cause.

Moreover, Sg is already ranked
Number 2 for cyberbullying, so many members of the public are likely to be sensitive to anything that sounds like bullying behaviour. These folks won’t jump onto the vigilante bandwagon anytime soon.

In sum, cookie cutter movements may not work everywhere

3) Having said the above, this episode shows how a society’s domestic issues can be so easily manipulated by anyone from the outside in this age of hyperconnectivity. (Not to mention the potential for copycats.) As with other cases, the target society is then split with some playing right into the hands of the intimidators, but there will be others who pull together. Here’s to social defence when it matters.

From today’s ST …


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