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Summary of Consultation : AQ is not just about WHAT is happening, it is about WHY…

Just in case some of you missed this

H1 General Paper 8807

Disclaimer : This AQ response (from AJC Prelim 2013) was constructed under timed conditions. It is far from perfect.

Note : I have highlighted (in red) important parts of the AQ body paragraphs which are sensible connections with specific traits of your society.

Lesson / Reminder : 
– Do not just describe WHAT you observe in your society or your personal life.

– Explain WHY you think whatever you see takes place

warning handle with care

“Law and order exist for the purpose of establishing justice,” America’s civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr once said. This is also the view of Peter Jamius which I find true and reflective of my society. However, King continued by saying that when law and order “fail in this purpose they become a dangerously structured dam that block the flow of social progress.” Jamius does not actively consider this opinion, and unfortunately, neither does my society, in specific…

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