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REWIND REPEAT #11 – Application Question matters

I have not done this for about half a year, but it is time to add to the list of things that I find myself repeating.

  1. State the argument from the text
  2. Make your judgements explicit / obvious – and relevant to the question
  3. Justify your judgement – why do you think this way.
  4. If you are tempted to say “because this is evident in my society”, then you should explain why your observations became a reality. When you do this, show specific knowledge of the circumstances of your society.
  5. If you are tempted to agree with the text, then go ahead and agree.
    If the justifications for your agreement seem to be repeating the text, then keep these repetitive arguments short. They should visually not take too big a portion of the paragraph. Use the rest of the paragraph to give two or three pieces of evidence, in differing contexts in further support of your agreement
  6. Single isolated examples tend to be unconvincing and not representative of reality. Try to cover more ground with other examples
  7. “On the other hand, ” is a very helpful prompt that compels you to provide balance. So write it down, and proceed logically and relevantly

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