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What to do when you are tempted to say “It depends.”

Sometimes, after interpreting the question and completing your brainstorm, you might actually think that the most defensible opinion is “It depends”

When you are in this situation, how do you move your essay forward ?

You could complete your thesis statement with the conditions that make your stand defensible.

Example 1 : Is it a good idea for a country to encourage migration ?

Answer : It depends on (1)whether the government is prepared with policies that create a win-win situation for foreigners and locals, (2)the size and physical resources of the country, and (3)the urgency of the need for migrants

Based on this completed thesis statement, the essay above will have at least 3 areas of discussion.

A Body Paragraph could look something like this :

Point / Topic Sentence : A country should encourage migrants if there is an urgent need for them.
1st Half : A number of developed countries need migrants due to low birth rate, ageing population, fill in gaps in the economy or targeted growth sectors e.g. Singapore
2nd Half : On the other hand, developing countries with large population bases are not in as great a hurry to welcome migrants. In fact, the governments of such countries could actually be highly selective, and choose only to invite the super-skilled to give their economies a boost. They have enough people to do the rest. e.g. Indonesia

Note : If the 1st Half is visually long, you can write the 2nd Half as a separate paragraph


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