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Are sporting events just about money ?

Money is one significant motive, but it is not the only one. Sporting events are not just about money.

– promote goodwill between participating clubs or countries

– promote noble values like sportsmanship, teamwork, resilience

– promote high standards in sports – talent grooming

– cause for national pride and personal glory

Despite these noble aims, the prospect of making money stands out as a prominent aim of sports today.

– chance to earn a living, break out of poverty, get super-rich

– sports-related industries grow – money pumped into training, equipment, expertise, infrastructure + money made from ticket sales & viewership + trading players

– non-sports industries grow – tourism, food & beverage, hotels, paraphernalia production and sales, advertising, sponsorship – rotate host cities, so a different city gets to experience this sort of growth

– cheating cases – shows that sportsmen obsess over money & fame

– selectivity of sports – commercial purpose


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