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International Rankings for Singapore

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Singapore is a city-state.

  • Most livable cities
    • Economist Intelligence Unit: World’s Most Livable Cities survey 2011: Singapore is ranked 4th on the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Asia Most Livable City survey[1]
    • Singapore is ranked 1st in 201 on Gallup’s Potential Net Migration Index.[2]
    • Singapore is ranked No. 1 for Asian expatriates in 2010 on ECA International’s Location Ratings Survey.[3]
    • Singapore is ranked the 15th most liveable city worldwide in the Monocle liveable city index.
  • FutureBrand: Country Brand Index 2009, ranked 13 out of 102 brands (ranked 4 in the Asia-Pacific region)[4]
    • Best Country Brand – Conferences, ranked 3 out of 102 brands
    • Best Country Brand – Easiest to do Business in, ranked 1 out of 102 brands
    • Best Country Brand – Ideal for Business, ranked 2 out of 102 brands
    • Best Country Brand – Shopping, ranked 1 out of 102 brands
  • Most expensive cities
    • Economist Intelligence Unit: Cost of Living Survey 2009, ranked 10 out of 140 cities in the world (ranked 3 in Asia)[5]
    • ECA International: Cost of Living Survey (June 2011), ranked 36 out of more than 390 locations in the world (ranked 6th in Asia)[6]
    • Mercer: Worldwide Cost of Living Survey 2011, ranked 8 out of 143 countries[7]
    • Expatistan: Cost of life index for expats, June 2011, ranked 11 out of 137 cities[8]
  • Population of urban area: Ranked 63 (2011)
  • Singapore ranked Asia’s top City of Opportunity and ninth amongst 26 cities worldwide by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

[edit] Communications

Main article: Media of Singapore

[edit] Demographics

[edit] Economy

The Central Business District, photographed on 22 May 2009

Main article: Economy of Singapore

[edit] Education

  • Times Higher Education placed National University of Singapore (NUS) at number 29 among the top 100 universities in the world.
  • Financial Times ranked National University of Singapore’s Executive MBA 11th Globally in 2009.
  • In the Asian University Rankings 2011, National University of Singapore (NUS) is ranked 28th globally while Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is ranked 58th position worldwide.[34]

[edit] Energy

[edit] Environment

A tembusu tree (Fagraea fragrans) at the Singapore Botanic Gardens

[edit] Geography

[edit] Globalization

[edit] Healthcare

  • Singapore is ranked No. 2 in 2010 on World Health Organization’s World Health Statistic’s Infant Mortality Rate.[43]
  • Singapore is ranked 3 out of 55 on Health Infrastructure ranking in International Institute for Management Development’s (IMD) World Competitiveness Yearbook 2010.[44]

[edit] Industry

[edit] Labour

  • Singapore is ranked 7th in the world and 2nd in Asia for having the most motivated workforce.[45]
  • Singapore is among the top 5 in Asia for the best skilled labour.[45]
  • Singapore’s labour regulations are the most business conducive in Asia.[45]
  • Singapore immigration laws for foreign talent highly-regarded for being business-centric.[45]

[edit] Military

[edit] Politics and law

Main article: Politics of Singapore

[edit] Society

[edit] Technology

  • Brown University Taubman Center for Public Policy 2006: ranked 3 in online government services[55]

[edit] Transportation


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