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Discussing your society, Singapore

In every set of essay questions, at least two will ask you to discuss an issue pertaining your society. We would discuss Singapore.

Essays sound flat and uninspiring when the student just explains what goes on in a developed society, without any specific references to Singapore.

You can combine these tips to show that you are focussed on ‘your society’.

1) Each time you illustrate make specific mention of details about Singapore.

2) Show that you understand Singapore’s context i.e. the political, social and/or economic background, concerns/developments esp. the more recent ones etc.

3) Change perspectives/contexts to ‘force’ variety into your writing.

Sample question : Is your society materialistic ?

For instance, instead of writing :
‘The people in my society have high purchasing power, and so many can enjoy more luxury goods.This promotes materialism’,

you can also write :
‘The people in my society have high purchasing power because our income per capita is among the highest in the world, yet our taxes are not as high. So,  we have more disposable income to enjoy luxury goods. When international labels like Abercrombie and Fitch or H&M set up boutiques or flagship stores to tap the Singapore market, consumers here have even more mid-range or high-end designer goods to choose from. This definitely promotes materialism because these goods are not necessities.’

*** Important note : Only add details that are useful to meet the question requirements. Relevance is Everything.


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