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Inserting illustrations

You can try to accentuate how well-illustrated your essay by applying a
string(i)  or
range(ii) of illustrations

with one or two big cases(iii) or
one or two changes in context/situations(iv)
to put your point across.



Sample body paragraph for the question “Is entrepreneurship only for personal greed?”

Entrepreneurship is not just for personal greed because many businesses, from multinational corporations such as Google, Apple, and the Body Shop to small team efforts such as the new generation young designers in Singapore with their own labels like Outofstock, Posse and Exit Design, sprung from passion that their founders had. Often this passion also filled a gap that needed to be plugged in society, thus making their work a viable business proposition too. The late Dame Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop once said that  “If business comes with no moral sympathy or honourable code of behaviours, then God help us all.” So she worked towards developing products that were made from fair trade and environmentally friendly ingredients, and effectively transformed her ideals of more responsible consumption into a global brand. She, like other entrepreneurs were motivated by deep interest. As their businesses grow, they may not be able to deny that profitability becomes a concern, but still, this does not mean that their work is driven only by personal greed. In fact, the desire to continue to share their passion with others can push them to innovate further.


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