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What are other groups saying about the White Paper on Population ?

Excerpt :

Yet, criticisms have also been levelled at the white paper itself – the most notable coming from Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy Senior Fellow, Donald Low. He “criticised the lack of scholarship and academic rigour in the white paper”, adding on his Facebook posting: “If this was a term paper, I would have no qualms failing it – whether or not I agree with it.”

Yeoh Lam Keong, adjunct senior research fellow at the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) and Vice President of the Economic Society of Singapore, was just as harsh in his criticism of the paper:

“The problem I have with the white paper,” he said, “is that the trade-offs considered between good jobs and economic dynamism, and population and workforce growth are overly mechanistic, economically simplistic and astonishingly sociologically and politically naïve.”

Women’s rights group, the Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE) said it “is concerned that the government has once again focused on economic growth, rather than the well-being of its people, as the main determinant of Singapore’s population size and rate of growth.”

“Despite receiving clear signals that public sentiment on this issue is strong,” it added, “the government is fixated on GDP growth through population expansion. The cost to society can already be seen in the claustrophobia and diminished quality of life that many Singaporeans complain about.”




Here’s one from  fb :

The PAP, in its present form, is a right-wing party. Privatisation and deregulation, high military spending, minimal commitment to social welfare benefits, antagonism towards trade unions and industrial action, rejection of minimum wage, a fondness for social hierarchy (whether it be from the stratification and elitism that meritocracy produces, or through ‘Asian Values’ that encourage uncritical …deference to authority) are all hallmarks of its rule. This right wing nature was exemplified recently by its response to those who urged the reining in of immigrant labour imports: it will be a disaster for the SME’s! (By the way, lest we think that these are really tiny, struggling outfits, small and medium enterprises are defined as those with less that $100m annual turnover and less than 200 employees). No matter that wages are stagnating or depressed, that the job market is looking increasingly bleak. Being right-wing means being uncompromisingly, unapologetically pro-business to the very end. – Alfian Sa’at

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