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How to tell if you need General Paper tuition (4)

(4) So much content – how to sort out ?

Most schools have a programme/system to teach skills and content. So do private tutors.

As Stephen Covey put it : “Seek first to understand, then be understood”. Talk to your school teacher, to get a clear picture of how the knowledge presented in the school’s system of teaching GP can be applied to questions.

Ask questions like :
(i) What content is fundamental for each topic in order for you to build your knowledge bank of that topic ?
(I have tried to put down my thoughts in this section of this site : )

(ii) How does the school’s system/programme help you weather different question scenarios ?

If your school teacher can help you understand how to apply the school’s system/method sufficiently well, then a private tutor may not be necessary to introduce you to his own (different/differently-put) system.

It’s when your probing leaves you still uncertain or more lost than before on how to manage and apply content, then an extra guiding hand could help.

At the end of the day, thinking and studying is an act of the individual : only the self can study. 


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