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How to tell if you need General Paper tuition (2) – QUALITY OF LANGUAGE

(2) Quality of Language

Tutors cannot write the final essay for you. The sooner you understand this, the less strain there will be on your pocket.

Your school teacher / tutor can help you correct poor expressions, give alternatives to your oversimplified or wrongly-used words, and introduce styles of writing – but their efforts come to nought, if you do not write something for them to review.

A good list or list of expressions is of little use, if you do not try to use them, for practice and review purposes.

Be attentive and learn from the feedback given.

With your school teachers, you may want to write 2 or 3 pieces, give him ample time to juggle his work and review yours, then seek a consultation slot. (Some teachers / prefer to look at the work on the spot, so come prepared with more than 1 piece for review, and make full use of the time)

If your school teachers cannot afford to do this, then you may need someone else (This is when some people turn to private coaches)

However, if you are turning to a private tutor just because you need someone to push you to write extra, while your school teachers get little of your work to review, then you are wasting money.

Get off your behind, read and get to writing !

(To be continued)


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