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How to tell if you need General Paper tuition (1) – GRAMMAR

Tuition costs. So it might be useful to know when you really need it, so you do not have to spend unnecessarily.

(1) Grammar Mastery

Grammar Mastery is absolutely crucial for General Paper. Most schools try to help students who have less mastery, but if you have tried getting help in school, and you find this insufficient, then extra coaching could help.

Do not waste money if you find your school teacher telling you that you are plain careless, and persistently unmindful of grammar rules. (You know this when you can actually correct your own mistakes during school consultations)

Acquiring language proficiency should be likened to driving : you do not want your instructor by your side permanently; you want to be able to do it well all on your own. So do not aim to have a tutor indefinitely, aim to not be in need of one for too long.

So, like a good learner driver, the language learner is extremely alert to avoid his common mistakes.

Furthermore, just like learning to drive, language mastery does not happen overnight. You have to put in the hours to read more English. Fortunately, unlike driving where the instructor must be belted up beside the learner, you can read and read and read without a teacher or tutor.

One student shared how he tries to learn from his mistakes by turning on the spellcheck and grammarcheck features on Microsoft Word when he types in his essays.

What better time to do all this than during a long term break ?

(To be continued)


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