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Summary of Consultation : NO long-winded stories, please !

Do not get carried away with story-telling when you are illustrating a point.

For instance, we can know the details of Steve Jobs’ life story and career development very well, but we can only use the part of his story which is directly relevant to the question.

Sample Question : Is education the only determinant of success ?

Stand / Thesis :
No, it is not, because success is usually the outcome of a confluence of factors, of which education may – or may not even – be a part.

Sample Paragraph :
Success cannot come without innovation and hard work. While many people may be academically qualified, they may not have the creativity that sparks an idea because their focus on aceing examinations had taken precedence over other aspects of their personal development. Even if their education gave them greater exposure to ideas and theories that could potential lead to innovation, they may not put in the effort to see the idea through to fruition. Steve Jobs, the creative genius behind technology giant, Apple, had both ideas and the drive to make things happen. This was despite not completing his college education. This is not to say that his education counted for nothing. As he admitted, once freed from the official paper chase, he did learn, albeit informally, and then pursued his visionary ideas relentlessly. Jobs, and others like him, are proof that education alone cannot guarantee success.


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