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Summary of Consultation : Where possible, re-use material to suit the question

With General Paper, your knowledge bank has to be big enough with content so that you can pick and choose what material to re-worked over and over again for different questions.

The bottom line is : Maintain a fully relevant answer.

Consider these questions :
1) Are we too reliant on science and technology ?
2) Technology gives assurance in a world fraught with insecurity. Discuss.

There could be some ideas that occur in both questions, such as these :
A) the value of nuclear energy, as opposed to the threat of nuclear weapons development
B) the reliance on communications technology, as opposed to the risk of a loss of privacy
C) the importance of modern medicine, as opposed to health risks that these may cause
D) the need for transport and other technologies that promote connectedness, as opposed to the risk of a major terror threat that is aimed at disrupting these systems for interconnectivity



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