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Summary of Consultation : no longer / still / greater etc

Some key words in the the question prompt you to think about what has changed that would make such a question pertinent


Should schools place greater emphasis on moral education ?

If we agree, then we could use the points below. Note how the points stem from us identifying change.

1) In a media saturated world where practically anything goes, more moral education is needed that must complement thinking skills.

Click here for a recent case where thinking and morality actual clashes (note to self : must reflect on this issue in greater depth); or click here for follow-up article

2) There is a worrying trend of crime and other moral transgressions by those recognised as educated, or young people who are undoubtedly products of the education system

3) Families are breaking down, and schools must step in to support with moral education

4) Now that many people can show good paper qualifications, there needs to be other means to distinguish candidates for jobs or places in university, namely evidence of good character

5) Greater individualism engenders apathy. There is a fear that the young will grow politically disengaged and disinterested in participating in civil society or social causes.

6) Globalisation means more citizens live, work or study abroad. Moral education is needed to nurture a love for country and a desire to return and serve.


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