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Summary of Consultation : Variety

Reminder : A B-grade for content has Variety, in terms of points, perspectives, illustrations, insights – on top of complete relevance

Today’s sample question  : Racial diversity should be promoted not discouraged. Discuss

Interpretation :
racial diversity = when people of different ethnic groups live together
promoted = this suggests conscious effort

Possible Points :

(i) Those who say that racial diversity should be discouraged may probably be thinking that this is a simpler solution to avert complex problems associated racial tensions. After all, there have been many cases of these tensions erupting in destruction or violence. 

(ii) There is also a fear that welcoming other races into the society will naturally make a person become less inclined to promote or protect his own culture because his act of accommodating others could involve a relaxing of his own cultural standards
(iii) But there are many initiatives that can be undertaken to prevent these undesirable outcomes. As such it would be better to focus on the benefits that racial diversity can bring about. 

Racial diversity has many benefits, and should be promoted for many reasons :

1) it encourages tolerance and understanding within society

a) dispels stereotypes that arise from ignorance, and incite suspicion and hate

b) helps people appreciate differences first-hand  

c) helps people understand that beyond all the differences, there are similarities : that all communities seek peace and acceptance from their fellow human beings.
– Racial supremacy can be a thing of the past.
– Consequently, it
paves the way to build a common space that also respects these differences.
– This can include insisting on laws  and policies that protect minorities, or prevent discrimination

2) it encourages the sharing of knowledge that is unique to various cultures

a) culinary skills

b) artistry

c) traditional medicines      

d) innovation by synthesizing the knowledge

3) economically and politically advantageous for a country or city to be reknowned for cultural diversity

a) shows that there is vibrance or the vibe of a metropolitan global city e.g. the arts scene 

b) attracts foreign talent who are looking a place to live and work that welcomes their culture

c) capitalise on the diversity e.g. tourism, fusion products etc 

4) Minor point : Most countries already have racial diversity anyway due to many historical developments. So promoting it further will only spur the people of that society to pursue plans and policies that make this arrangement more successful than before

Any other points ?


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